The journey to self-discovery and adventure awaits. All that’s left to do is to take the first step.

Cheated by his partner, impeccable Manhattan neurologist Roger Pembroke drops everything behind. He heads to California to cool off his head. But he didn’t know that his life is about to be changed.

As he went on to experience an adventurous journey, he discovers the nature of human consciousness as he meets hippies, bikers, a debauched TV minister, a lit professor, the head of a Mexican cartel, an actress and a sexually-performing robot.
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“Jack Sholl is the master of words. He can write screenplays that can touch your heart. He can write novels in different genres. And he can take the readers into the world where his characters live. I think only a few writers can do that.”


“If you're looking for a man who can write medicine-related novels like a genius without the technical terms, then you should meet Sholl. He combines facts and real life information with a fictional twist so your interest can be heightened as you read every page of his work.”

– Martha Thompson -

“When it comes to stories about medicine and technology, Jack Sholl is the man. He can paint pictures with his choice of words. He can make you cry with the scenes he creates in his book. And I have always enjoyed his work. Keep up the good work, Jack.”

ABOUT Jack Sholl

Jack Sholl is a journalist, a published author, a playwright and an editor.

As a journalist, he wrote articles about science, medicine and technology. His write-ups have appeared both in national media outlets in the US and in a number of international media outlets.

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